Coastal Dream Cassette Tape Power Bank

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Cassette Tape Power Bank
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Product Description

Package Dimensions 4.88 x 3.07 x 0.71 inches

Item Weight 7 ounces 

Feeling nostalgic and love music? We know were are! That's why we designed our latest 6,000 mAh Coastal power bank with our fellow music lovers in mind. Whether your heading to the beach or out with your friends, you bet the coastal powerback is the perfect lifeline for your favorite playlists!

High Capacity:

With an impressive 6,000 mAh capacity, you can rely on this power bank to keep up with your lifestyle. As every commuter knows, being stranded without any music on your journey into work is a modern tragedy - leave that behind with this handy little power bank. Never miss a special moment due to a lack of battery with this stylish power bank. 

Incredibly Portable:

The powerbank is actually cassette tape sized, making it: slim, light and portable. At a size that would be comfortable in most pockets, say goodbye to carrying around a huge block of power and aloha to portability. 

Precise Power Usage Display:

The integrated LEDs gives you the luxury of certainty, know how much power you have before you step out. No more second-guessing.


  • Equipped with automatic on, so you can plug in and go!
  • Pass-through charging capabilites, enabling you to charge your phone and your power bank simultaneously without having to use multiple outlets. 
  • Supports and optimizes charging across a range of devices; so, whether you're Apple or Android your covered!
  • Two USB outputs making it perfect for multi-taskers. 
  • An apple lightning and micro-USB input, meaning you're not forced to keep around a cable that you otherwise wouldn't need. 

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